Sherman’s Tour: Vivacity Restaurant

Day One of the hole-in-the-wall tour ends at Vivacity Restaurant on Food Street

Once our three-hour rest break was over, it was time to put on our stretchy pants again. We made our way over to Vivacity Restaurant located on Alexandra Road (aka “Food Street”) for our final ten courses of the day.

Sherman in Richmond: Hole In The Wall Tour Day 1

Two days, 13 restaurants. Read about Sherman's first day here!

Day one: we had a long list of restaurants to visit on this two-day tour of Richmond’s hole-in-the-wall eateries. But I didn’t mind – I wasn’t driving! Read on to find out where we went and what we ate.

How to Eat Sichuan “Water-Boiled” Fish – and Survive

This innocent-seeming seafood specialty can be a bowl of fire - but it's survivable!

It sounds innocuous enough, right? You’d think “boiled fish” might be something to serve with mushy peas, or at least something you’d order to temper the heat of other spicy plates. But like many Sichuan dishes, this innocent-seeming seafood specialty can be a bowl of fire.

Strip Malls: Delta Shopping Centre

An international mix of food options can be found at this vibrant food plaza in Richmond, BC

In our next instalment of a monthly feature on prominent strip malls in Richmond, BC, 365 contributor Tara Lee visits Delta Shopping Centre and discovers fried chicken, bowls of pho, hearty Filipino cuisine, and a bountiful Indian buffet.

Late Night Eats in Richmond: Pho 99

Open until 4am, this pho joint will satisfy your late night noodle soup cravings.

There is no bad time for pho. It’s 10:30pm right now and the more I write about pho, the closer I am to convincing myself to hop in the car and go get a bowl as soon as I’m done.

Four Richmond Farms You Should Get to Know

Nothing beats fresh produce in the summer!

With over 200 local farms providing fresh produce, it’s easy to eat healthy in Richmond, whether you’re dining at home or in one of the city’s 800 restaurants. Buying local is a great way to enjoy the freshest food while supporting local farmers. Here are four farms that offer family-friendly activities ranging from interactive displays to getting your hands dirty to pick your own produce!

What are Bean Curd Sheets?

...and would you want to sleep with them?

Often called tofu sheets, bean curd skins, or tofu skins, bean curd sheets are a byproduct of the tofu-making process. 365 contributor Carolyn Heller explores the different styles of use for these versatile sheets.