A Mix and Match Hong Kong Lunch at Alleluia Cafe

Unearth your favourite combination in a nondescript Richmond strip mall

Open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., Alleluia Cafe is located at the far end of Richspot Plaza (188-8131 Westminster Highway). Read on to find out more about this Hong Kong-Style cafe and how easily customizable their mini meal sets can be!

Spot Prawns 5 Ways in Richmond

Five Delicious and Different Ways of Showcasing this Local, Sustainable Seafood

The 2016 spot prawn season has officially launched! 365 contributor Tara Lee searches out the many different ways and places for making the most of this year’s harvest.

Opening This Weekend: Richmond Night Market

Enjoy meat skewers, mango desserts and bubble waffles on weekends from May 13 to October 10!

Find out what’s new at the 2016 Richmond Night Market, opening this Friday May 13 until Monday October 10. From animatronic dinosaurs to a brand new mascot, there’s a bit of everything for everyone at this annual night market!

Strip Malls: Union Square

Learn about the dizzying selection of food establishments at this popular strip mall

In the our next installment of a monthly feature on prominent strip malls in Richmond, 365 contributor Tara Lee visits Union Square and is impressed by the sheer number and quality of eateries and food shops at the strip mall. Read about her top five picks.

Oldie but a Goodie: Fender’s Restaurant

Greasy wheels and greasy spoons at the Richmond Auto Mall

Like going to the dentist, taking your car in for service may not be the most pleasant of experiences. You recognize that it’s in your own best interest and the staff can be perfectly friendly, but you know that it’s going to take some time out of your busy day and you’re going to be hit with a bill at the end of it. Maybe some bacon or sausage or a runny egg can make things feel a little better.

Late Night Eats in Richmond, BC: No. 9 Restaurant

Richmond's one and only 24-hour restaurant offers noodles, BBQ duck, burgers and much more

You can’t talk about late night eats in Richmond without mentioning No. 9 Restaurant at Lansdowne Centre mall. Richmond has an abundance of restaurants but No. 9 is the only proper 24-hour place in town that isn’t a fast food drive-thru. On top of that, most places are closed before midnight. Read on to find out what 365 contributor Ed Lau’s top picks are for his late night eats at this 24-hour joint.

Dee’s List: Top 10 Asian Snacks

From White Rabbit Candy to Pocky sticks, Dee takes us down memory lane

365 contributor Dee de los Santos takes readers down memory lane with her top 10 picks for Asian snacks. From dried seaweed to haw flakes, she tackles everything from sweet to salty, with some spicier picks as well!

Opening This Weekend: Panda Market

The original night market returns for its 9th year on Vulcan Way

It’s that time of the year again! Your favourite food and retail vendors gather together at the Panda Market starting this Friday, April 29. Known as the “original” night market, the International Summer Night Market has entertained over 5 million visitors from all over the world with authentic street-food and exciting performances since its inception in 2008.