Where To Get Your Holiday Entertaining Goods

We all know one of the best perks of the holiday season is food. There are endless Christmas parties, open houses, get-togethers, and big dinners, all of which have food at the centre of the celebration. Platters overflow with cheeses, meats, crackers, bread, pickles, pastry, and of course – never forget – the all-important plates of Christmas cookies.

Grilled Cheese, Please

In the first of my two recent comfort food posts, I mentioned that this is the season of melted cheese. Now that it’s dipped below zero and we’ve gotten a bit of snow, the weather is ESPECIALLY perfect for the mother of all melted cheese dishes, the queen of (my) cravings: grilled cheese sandwiches!

Great Food Court Finds in Richmond

I love food courts.

Never EVER did I expect to say those words. Though I should probably qualify them further: I love food courts IN RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Without a doubt, learning that “I love food courts in Richmond” was one of the greatest surprises of my 365 Days of Dining, and that’s because I’d previously thought of food courts as nothing but fast food pits I’m forced to eat in while shopping. And the fact I hate shopping didn’t help their cause!

Comfort Food, Continued

When I first began writing this post on comfort food – this time of the Asian/Indian/Persian variety – I decided to make a list. I thought, “I’ll list all the dishes I found comforting throughout my 365 Days of Dining, especially the ones that boosted my spirits in cold/rainy weather, then work from there.”

A Day at Fisherman’s Wharf

What makes the Fisherman’s Wharf such an exciting place to visit? It’s without a doubt, the quality and freshness of the fish that you can purchase straight from the boat – and the prices are incredible.

Vietnamese Food: There’s Some French in That!

Culinary traditions love to travel. Well before we had long-haul jets and refrigerated trucks to transport foods from one place to another, they made their way around the globe through immigration, colonization, and trade. This kind of movement has always informed what’s on our plates, and has re-shaped many culinary traditions, even those we regard as static.

Craft Beer in Richmond

Over the past few years, this province’s beer scene has exploded like a poorly-tapped keg. In the lower mainland, we can barely keep up with all the craft breweries opening each month, and the libation lists in pubs just keep growing. In celebration of this wonderful time of year, here’s a roundup of places in Richmond you can find craft beer, and some suggestions for trying BC brews!