Lido Restaurant, Breakfast and the Pineapple Bun Express

Are these pineapple buns really everything people say they are?

Apparently, pineapple buns are a really big deal around here. Ask just about anyone who has lived in Richmond for any substantial period of time, assuming that this person is reasonably up to snuff on Hong Kong style bakeries, and they’ll tell you that Lido is king of the crusty topped castle. And this is true even if the person has never actually had a pineapple bun at Lido. Word travels quickly.

Coffee, Tea, or Both?

What is Yuanyang and Why Should You Drink It?

For many caffeine-lovers, the idea of mixing coffee and tea is sacrilegious, if not downright horrifying. You drink coffee or you drink tea, but not both. And certainly not both at the same time, much less mixed together. But in Hong Kong, and in many Hong Kong-style cafés in Richmond, a blend of coffee and milk tea is a popular beverage.

Dee’s List: 9 More Asian Snacks!

Feeling like snacking on something? Why not give these nine classic Asian treats a try?

From salty to sweet, Dee explores the Asian snack aisles of various grocery stores looking for her favourite childhood snacks for part two of this nostalgic post. Feel like snacking on something? Give these nine snacks a try today!

Strip Malls: Cambie Plaza

Order from classic dim sum carts, enjoy top-notch sushi, and fill up on curries at this Richmond complex

In the our next installment of a monthly feature on prominent strip malls in Richmond, BC, 365 contributor Tara Lee visits Cambie Plaza and discovers three restaurant gems (Cantonese, Japanese, and Indian) that showcase the breadth of Richmond’s dining scene.

Bingsoo: The Korean Desserts to Eat Now

Find out more about this fluffy shaved ice dessert from Korea

Did you ever eat snow when you were a kid? Bingsoo is similar to that – except far more delicious. At Snowy Village, when you order a bingsoo, staff pile a metal bowl with a tower of creamy shaved ice that has the texture of fluffy snow.

Woman vs. Flat Line Burger at Hog Shack Cook House

Is it possible to eat a mammoth double patty burger with fries in five minutes or less?

In the ultimate test of her ability to wolf down food, 365 contributor, Tara Lee, takes on Hog Shack Cookhouse’s Flat Line Burger Challenge. Can she earn a spot on the restaurant’s coveted wall of fame, or will she be relegated to the horrible wall of shame?

Now Open: Catch Kitchen & Bar

Cousins and partners Danny Bichara and John Yacoub breathe new life into Steveston's dining scene

Cousins and business partners Danny Bichara and John Yacoub breathe new life into Steveston’s dining scene with Catch Kitchen & Bar.