Craft Beer in Richmond

Over the past few years, this province’s beer scene has exploded like a poorly-tapped keg. In the lower mainland, we can barely keep up with all the craft breweries opening each month, and the libation lists in pubs just keep growing. In celebration of this wonderful time of year, here’s a roundup of places in Richmond you can find craft beer, and some suggestions for trying BC brews!

Returning to Steveston

Do you know how long it’s been since I was in Steveston? Far too long, I realized recently, so I headed south to visit Richmond’s picturesque little fishing village last week.

A Super Sweet Guide to Richmond Bakeries

This post is dedicated to the sweetest places in Richmond: its bakeries. While there are many scattered throughout the city, today I’m going to focus on those that offer Chinese baked goods, all of which were a new concept to me when I started 365 Days of Dining.

A Dim Sum Shakeup at Chef Tony

Writing about dim sum can be tricky. More than once I’ve found myself on, scanning desperately for another way to say, “The dumpling wrapper was firm,” or “Those pastries were mad flaky!” Sometimes, writing about dim sum makes me feel like an unimaginative idiot.

Fun Factor: Richmond’s Escape Games put to the test

Richmond Escape Games battle head-to-head

When tasked with the goal to try the different escape games in Richmond I truly didn’t know what I was getting into or that I would start a new obsession for myself and my husband. I went in with the notion that you just escape a room and that’s that. That you needed to use logic to solve puzzles that would eventually lead you out the door. Boy, was I wrong. Well yes, that is the fundamental object of the game, I didn’t realize the intensity of the experience or the immersion into a storyline that would be possible in a mere 45-minute gameplay experience.

Smokehouse Sandwich Co is a Hidden Gem

In the sea of thousands of asian restaurants in Richmond, sometimes you just want to sit down and grab a sandwich. Smokehouse Sandwich Co is that perfect spot. Rico Versoza, the chef and owner has taken his skills in writing and directing short films and now exerting it into his new passion for cooking and sharing his stories through on a plate.

Wrap That Bird Up

A confession: there’s a dish in Richmond that deserves a lot more attention than I gave it last time round. When I wrote about it during 365, it was a small part of a much larger post, in which I toured a group of Italians around Richmond. There was just so much I wanted to show them – we ate as though there was no food left in Italy, and if they didn’t get their fill while in Canada, they’d perish.