On Shintaro, and Godzilla.

Steveston is an ever-changing place.  One week, Snow White, Prince Charming, and the Evil Queen are hanging on Moncton Street, and the next week the army comes to town.

On Takeya Sushi.

I’ve ridden the bus between Brighouse and Steveston many times, and therefore I’ve passed Takeya Sushi many times.  The other day, I finally decided to get off the bus and … Read more

On Empire Supermarket.

218 days in, I’m still finding many new places in Richmond, some of which have been under my nose the whole time.  Take Empire Supermarket, for example, which is a … Read more

On Torarenbo.

I had dinner the other night at Torarenbo Japanese Restaurant, which is just a few doors down from Happy Date, on Park Road.  The place lends itself well to solo … Read more