Returning to Steveston

Do you know how long it’s been since I was in Steveston? Far too long, I realized recently, so I headed south to visit Richmond’s picturesque little fishing village last week.

A Super Sweet Guide to Richmond Bakeries

This post is dedicated to the sweetest places in Richmond: its bakeries. While there are many scattered throughout the city, today I’m going to focus on those that offer Chinese baked goods, all of which were a new concept to me when I started 365 Days of Dining.

A Dim Sum Shakeup at Chef Tony

Writing about dim sum can be tricky. More than once I’ve found myself on, scanning desperately for another way to say, “The dumpling wrapper was firm,” or “Those pastries were mad flaky!” Sometimes, writing about dim sum makes me feel like an unimaginative idiot.

Feel the Burn

Dear chili fans of Richmond, Greater Vancouver, and The World:

I don’t share your love of sweat-inducing food, so I didn’t always pay enough attention to it (and therefore, you) during 365 Days of Dining. I’m not a thrill-seeker when it comes to spice; I’m a person with a relatively low tolerance who appreciates the flavour added by chilies, but can only handle so many of them. In fact, only this year did I begin placing small (and I mean, small) dots of sriracha on my food, and recently purchased fresh poblanos, thus increasing my fresh pepper-purchase stats by 50%. (Yes, I had only purchased them once before).

I don’t think my spice tolerance is anything to be proud or ashamed of – it just is what it is.

The Mighty Taro

I ate SO MUCH TARO during my year in Richmond, but before those 365 days started, I hadn’t even heard of it. Or maybe I had? I don’t know. It’s impossible to remember back to my pre-taro days.

I’m Back!

And still really into carrot cake.

It’s been over a year since we’ve said goodbye, and over two years since I began that digestive thrill-ride we called 365 Days of Dining. For those of you who are new to my story, here’s the quick version: my name is Lindsay, and I spent an entire year dining at different Richmond restaurants and eateries, and posting daily about my experiences at each one. It was an edible crash course in all things Asian, as well as a personal exploration of the best of Richmond (the likes of which includes Buddhist monasteries, a 19th century Finnish fishing village, and some incredible community farms).

We’re Hungry For More

Hello again. It’s been almost a year since our food-loving blogger Lindsay Anderson revealed her final post, and we’re ready to get back at it. In her 365 days as … Read more