Two Great Meals from Two Tiny Shops

Exploring O’Tray Noodle in President’s Plaza and Al Basha, a Halal shawarma

Today’s post was supposed to be about two popular tofus. Two plucky little tofu dishes that came from very modest places, yet have won their way into the hearts, minds, … Read more

CAVU Kitchen Bar

When my friend Dana and I walked into CAVU Kitchen Bar, the Hilton Hotel’s sleek new restaurant on Minoru Boulevard, one of the first things we noticed was that the … Read more

Ladies and Gentleman, XO Sauce.

Raved as the “Caviar of the East,” “The World’s Most Baller Condiment,” and according to 365 Days of Dining’s own Lindsay Anderson, a “FLAVOUR PUNCH TO THE FACE” (yes, in allcaps), you’ve got try XO sauce.

The Best of 2014

Another year over, another 1,095 meals eaten by each of us (perhaps a few less for those of you who skip breakfast). Either way, 365 days are behind us, days that were – as usual – full of culinary treasures in Richmond. Here’s a roundup of the Best of Richmond in 2014, including both old and new favourites.

Celebrating with Signature Dishes

Around the holidays, whether it’s Christmas or New Years, we all like to celebrate with “Big” dishes. You know, a huge roast turkey, ham, duck, or perhaps an enormous spread of fondue to ring in the new year. If you prefer to go out, here are four great “Big” dishes you can seek out in Richmond to celebrate the season (and impress your friends on Instagram).

Old Buddies

There’s a new (to me) Cantonese restaurant in Richmond, and it has the best name: Old Buddies. If you Google “Old Buddies,” some images of the restaurant come up, but mostly there’s a whole lot of pictures of grey-haired, literal old buddies. I don’t know where the restaurant name came from, but I do know I love it.

Where To Get Your Holiday Entertaining Goods

We all know one of the best perks of the holiday season is food. There are endless Christmas parties, open houses, get-togethers, and big dinners, all of which have food at the centre of the celebration. Platters overflow with cheeses, meats, crackers, bread, pickles, pastry, and of course – never forget – the all-important plates of Christmas cookies.

Grilled Cheese, Please

In the first of my two recent comfort food posts, I mentioned that this is the season of melted cheese. Now that it’s dipped below zero and we’ve gotten a bit of snow, the weather is ESPECIALLY perfect for the mother of all melted cheese dishes, the queen of (my) cravings: grilled cheese sandwiches!

Great Food Court Finds in Richmond

I love food courts.

Never EVER did I expect to say those words. Though I should probably qualify them further: I love food courts IN RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Without a doubt, learning that “I love food courts in Richmond” was one of the greatest surprises of my 365 Days of Dining, and that’s because I’d previously thought of food courts as nothing but fast food pits I’m forced to eat in while shopping. And the fact I hate shopping didn’t help their cause!