On Paulo’s Pizza, Borders, and unChallenges.

Map of Richmond

Yesterday I was thinking about borders, and how cleanly Richmond is defined within Metro Vancouver.  If you look on a map, the city is framed by blue, with ocean and rivers separating it from Vancouver, Delta, and Surrey.  It makes my job quite easy, since I don’t have to worry about accidentally eating somewhere out of Richmond.  If I do try and go beyond its borders, I’ll end up standing in some mighty cold water.

There’s one exception to this, however, and that’s the northeast part of the city, where Richmond bumps into New Westminster.  The two cities are fittingly separated by Boundary Road, but the transition is otherwise unremarkable.  Since Richmond is the city I’m always thinking about, my friend and I joked that we might fall off the edge of the earth if we drove all the way to Richmond’s northeastern border.  You know, just like the explorers feared when the earth was still thought to be flat.

What were we fearless explorers seeking?  Dinner from Paulo’s Pizza, that’s what.  It’s been open since 1991 in a small shopping plaza on Gilley Road, and is Richmond’s most eastern eatery (according to Google maps, anyways).

Paulo's Pizza on a Google map
I love pizza so much, and yesterday, with that damp gloomy weather that won’t seem to bugger off, good pizza was all I wanted.  That’s just what I got.

Paulo's Pizza exterior
Paulo’s is 2 for 1, so I ordered two small pizzas from their Super Special menu ($19.99).  Why just have special when you can make it super?

I chose the Power Pizza (bacon, mushrooms, ground beef, Italian sausage, cheese, and tomato sauce), and the Spinach Special (spinach, feta, tomatoes, cheese, and tomato sauce) with artichoke hearts added and sundried tomatoes in place of the fresh ones.  All their pizza orders come with a free can of pop, and they have tons of other pizza options as well as BBQ, subs, pastas, and salads.

Paulo's Pizza Interior
Paulo’s shop is like many others in Richmond – small, with a few chairs, and a counter along the front window should you wish to have a slice before you go.  They offer delivery, and the pizzas are deep dish.  It took about 15 minutes for our pizzas to come up, and I took advantage of that front counter to have a few bites before we left.

It was REALLY good; they’re very generous with toppings, and the crust was fresh and tender.  Also, two small pizzas was the perfect amount to feed myself and two roommates, so I imagine their larges are indeed LARGE.

Power Pizza from Paulo's

Of the two I ordered, I preferred the Spinach Special, and would highly recommend getting it with the artichoke hearts.  Also, if you love feta, this is your ‘zza.

Spinach Special from Paulo's Pizza
Have I mentioned I love eating pizza?

Now, for those of you wishing to eat your pizza and have a workout too, here’s a great campaign that The Richmond Oval is running during the month of February: a Membership unChallenge.  Yes, you read that right.

The Richmond Oval Un-ChallengeTheir plan is to make your new year’s fitness goals achievable, so they’re not asking you to lose half your body weight or workout 9 times a week.  What they are proposing is that you workout 14 days out of 28 in February, and if you do, you’ll receive a Richmond Olympic Oval branded gym bag!  And guess what, every person who signs up receives a Richmond Oval sweatband, so even if you don’t quite squeeze in those 14 workouts, you’ll still come out of it healthier and with a snazzy sweatband to wipe your brow.  A pretty reasonable unChallenge, don’t you think?  Plus, think of how much more pizza you can eat if you’re working out every second day…..

Pizza boxes at Paulo's Pizza


Paulo’s Pizza

23200 Gilley Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available


  1. elizabeth

    Thanks for trekking out to the Hamilton area of Richmond! Sounds like yummy pizza. Wish we had more places like these. This is such a family friendly neighbourhood with affordable single detached homes, a nice park and a newly renovated community centre. Maybe your blog will encourage more independant restaurant owners to set up shop here.

  2. FM

    I’ve had their pizza and love it! Great post.

  3. Wiener Schnitzel

    The pizza looks delicious.
    Do they deliver to Steveston?

  4. HE

    This brings back so many memories. I grew up in Hamilton. Back in the day when I attended the elementary school across the street, the owners’ daughter was in my class and had to fend off many requests for a free lunch. My friends and I would beg our parents for a permission slip to go out and buy our lunch here or at the other places that used to be here like Chatters and the grocery store. We knew all the owners and the owners knew or at least recognized all of us kids.

    Unfortunately, with development, the community is not as close-knit as it used to be, and those other places could not compete with Walmart and the restaurants just over the border. It also looks like the shops that are left might be in danger since the mall has been bought out by developers.

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