On Me Cafe.

After my first bubble tea experience at Pearl Castle, someone suggested I try a taro milk tea, saying it’s a determining factor in the overall quality of a bubble tea house.  Well, I tried out Me Cafe for the first time and must say, I wasn’t terribly thrilled with purple drink I received.

Just a few doors down from New Town Bakery and across from Bob’s Subs, Me Cafe is dark and stylish, decorated with butterfly-inspired wall-hangings and filled with teenagers and early 20-somethings.  In rounding the corner to the area with the tables, I was surprised to see the space turn into a kind of library, filled with neatly-stacked rows of comics for customers to read while they’re there.

The large group next to me had their textbooks out to study, which I think was also the case with the people in the private rooms in the back, which can be reserved.  Clearly, it’s a place to come for quiet.

The service wasn’t overly-friendly or quick, but I eventually ordered the taro milk tea ($4.75) and cold Japanese soba noodles ($7.95).  The milk tea arrived in a beer stein, which I haven’t seen before, and was violet-coloured and frothy.

Upon first sip I knew I wouldn’t’ be able to drink much more, as it was SO over-sweetened, probably artificially so.  A few tastes were all I could handle.

My cold soba noodles came with a side of broth and wasabi, a marinated hard-boiled egg, seaweed salad, and another kind of thick, marinated seaweed that had been tied in little bows.

Even with the broth, the noodles were very plain, and while I enjoyed the salads at first, they also eventually started to taste sweet, as if they too had been artificially sweetened.

I don’t know if it was just the lingering flavour of the milk tea (my tastebuds are very sensitive to anything like aspartame or Splenda), but it all just became unpleasant.

If I was to go back to Me Cafe, I would skip the milk tea altogether and get one of their fresh, healthy-looking fruit juices, like carrot and apple, or perhaps one of their daily cakes displayed in the case near the front door.  Really though, I think Me Cafe has a very specific clientele, mainly young students, and the space serves them well.  I personally didn’t feel all that well-fed or relaxed, but not every place is for everybody.

Specific suggestions for fantastic taro teas welcome!  I think I shall seek out Bubble Queen next….


Me Cafe

6360 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC


Vegetarian options available

Cash only




  1. Steph

    You can also have your bubble tea served with half the sweetener too 🙂 Try Flotea one of these days too!

    • Lindsay365

      Good idea – I think I’ll try that from now on. Thanks Steph!

  2. Angela

    For awesome Taro Milk Tea, go to Well Tea and order the Fresh Taro Milk Tea–which is not the radioactive purple powder stuff served at many bubble tea places, but rather it’s made with REAL taro (there’s even pieces in there to prove it).

    They also serve an amazing array of food including vegetarian dishes. I personally love the Tofu Skin with julienned veggies, or the veggie kung pao chicken. Although there AAA Beef hot pot is also quite tasty.

    Well Tea Enterprises Ltd
    4811 Hazelbridge Way
    (604) 278-7268

  3. Carmen

    Hey Lindsay,

    Please Please PLEASE don’t turn down the Taro milk tea for life! You HAVE to try the Fresh one… if you don’t like it, then don’t have any more ever again.

    My favourite and I believe is the BEST one in Richmond (I tried almost all of them) is the one they have in Leasure Tea House, next to Kim Do Resturant on Alexander Rd. Well Tea is great but I find this is my favourite. Leisure doesn’t offer dinner or lunch setting but rather casual high tea. Their Tuna Waffle is to die for~ and so is their club sandwich. My favourite drink other then the Fresh Taro is the Pudding Milk Tea. Unlike the Pudding Milk tea in other bubble tea place, they make their own creme caramel and combine that in your milk tea. None of that powder and store bought non-sense!

    I don’t know why you were told that Taro is the way to determine how to rate the bubble tea… the simpliest way and the foundation of bubble tea is milk tea, red tea and green tea. AND, of course, the pearls!

    Have fun eating and drinking~

    • Lindsay365

      Hi Carmen – I promise, I’ll give taro tea plenty more tries! If at first you don’t succeed….

      Thanks for all your great recommendations.

  4. RMD

    Broth? Please tell me you didn’t eat the noodles then drink the “broth” separately? That’s not how you eat soba. Soba supposed to be plain and simple.

  5. Alan

    You are supposed to pick up a small bunch of soba noodle with your chop sticks and then dip the noodle completely in the sauce and eat… You can also mix in the wasabi into the sauce…

    • Lindsay365

      Hey Alan,

      Thanks for the comment. That’s actually what I was doing (I should have been more specific about how I ate them), but they still weren’t very flavourful – I didn’t think the sauce was salty enough.

  6. Jen

    Definitely ask for half sweet!

    Please try What8ver Cafe- I find it to be the best place for authentic BBT!!!

  7. Jess

    I LOVE this site! I just wanted to thank all the posters in the comments sections for their recommendations. I’ve lived in Richmond for 4 years now and it’s amazing how many places I had no idea about, so kudos for sharing your versions of this city! And well done as always Lindsay, for being our gastronomic pioneer. I for one have definitely been encouraged to scope out local businesses that I would have otherwise overlooked. Points to Tourism Richmond for this inspired site.

  8. Vicki

    I second the motion for Bubble Queen! Menu is incredibly unique there! Two words: Mango Mochi! But that’s only if you can resist the urge to order the Ferrero Roche bubble tea!

  9. grayelf

    As Steph suggested, “half sweet please” is key to a good BBT experience if you don’t have a super sweet tooth. I love Bubble Queen but I recently forgot to tell a DC to order his Malteser (!) BBT half sweet and it was over the top sugary. Love that they have the mini-tapioca pearls here too.

    Good idea to try the real fruit options. I sometimes find the menus hard to parse in this regard in BBT houses but I’ve never been led astray if I ask directly whether something is powder or fresh.

    My current favourite combo: sour plum, green (jasmine) tea and mango stars — so good on a hot day.

    Another fun thing to do is to go to Kuo Hua Supermarket on 3 Road and buy the gear to make BBT at home. I sub half and half for Coffee Mate and voila. Come to think of it, Kuo Hua might be a fun stop for you one day — it’s Taiwanese snack heaven, with great labeling and super tidy.

  10. Tanya

    I LOVE this bubble tea house. It’s like heaven for manga and food lovers. I’m so glad you went here!

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