On the Richmond Night Market.

Summertime in Richmond means summer night markets.  The city has not one, but TWO of these bustling and colourful weekend gatherings, loudly punctuated by the shouts of food vendors and the sizzle of a thousand deep-fryers.  People browse for goods like cell phone covers, listen to live music, and most importantly, EAT.  My friends Jillian, Stephen, Holly, and Chelsea joined me on my first foray to the Richmond Night Market, located just a short walk from the Bridgeport Skytrain Station.  This is Richmond’s ‘original’ night market, but it took a hiatus for awhile before making it’s comeback this year.  Now it’s in direct competition with the Summer Night Market, located east of Bridgeport.  I’ll head there on another weekend and see what artery-clogging treats they have on offer!

The markets offer endless photo ops, and I have plenty of visuals to share.  Between the 4 of us we tried…..oh my goodness…..15 things.  Go big or go home, right?  Or just go home big?  Either way, it was fun.  Here are some highlights:

Bbq’d shrimp!  We also tried the bbq’ed pork, which was salty and awesome.

Fried wontons and green onion pancakes.  The pancakes tasted like deep-fried roti, and I was therefore quite enamoured.

Rotatos!  Also known as “potatoes that have been sliced in a spiral, put on a stick, deep-fried, and seasoned.”  They cost about $5 each, but they’re worth it.  Go for the butter flavour – it sounds plain, but is crazily satisfying.

Whole grilled baby squid!  I only had room for a few tentacles, but they were great.

Corn on the cob, which is one of my all-time favourite things about summer.  How did they know.  By the way, aren’t my friends the most incredible hand models?

Pork Siu Mai to represent the dim sum….

…..and some beef-filled roti, to represent the fusion-food.

Of course, we had to get mini donuts for dessert.  Halfway through the TWENTY FOUR of them Stephen bought (after we’d already eaten churros and ice cream), he said, with a mouth full of donuts and lips covered in cinnamon-sugar, “Oh, I guess I could have just gotten a dozen.”  We’ll remember that for next time.

Or will we?  They were really good.

Jillian got her necessary fix of cotton candy (she REALLY loves it),

and we spent the rest of our time wandering,


listening to music,

wishing under the wishing trees that we hadn’t eaten two dozen donuts,

and enjoying some of the creative signage.

Overall, it was a fantastic way to spend a Friday night.  If you live in Richmond, Metro-Vancouver, or are visiting the area, the night markets are a must-see.  Just make sure you go with cash, an affinity for deep-fried foods, and some eating partners.  If you’re really wishing to have a healthy evening, these are on offer, too.  Lucky you!


The Richmond Night Market

8351 River Road, Richmond BC

$1.50 entrance fee for adults, kids 10 and under plus adults over 60 are free

Within walking distance of Bridgeport Station

Bring cash, and most foods are between $1 and $5



  1. Izy

    If you like corn on the cob, you need to go to the other night market and find the ones that are roasted in a special rotisserie machine. They are delicious!!!!!

  2. Tim Bissky

    I am really enjoying learning about all the dining(/eating) opportunities in Richmond. Your photos are interesting and you really seem to look for the positive in everything I like that. I cannot believe that it has already been 45 days Wow. I think that I have missed only one.

  3. Mary

    WHAT FUN! Great post – I laughed out loud at Jillian inhaling the cotton candy… and the donuts of course…

  4. FM

    Loved this post. I haven’t checked out either night market yet this year, so I’m looking forward to your post on the other night market. I’m curious as to why this night market is charging an entrance fee. It makes me want to visit the other night market instead! I find it weird to pay money in order that you can pay money. Anyways, the food looks amazing and I am now craving mini donuts thanks to you!

    • Victor

      This one charges money in lieu of charging for parking. The other one is free to enter, but charges parking. This one has more vendors because with the built-in fee for entry, they charge vendors less.

      The existence of both markets is do to a fight between the original promoter who now runs the fee-for-entry market and the other promoter who jumped on board when the original took a break due to high rent costs. It got so bad that the original promoter tried to sue the other guy when he took over. As well, during the fight, vandals cut down the power lines.

  5. Steveston Girl

    My favourite is the other market by Ikea. I tried this one this year, but I don’t think it compares. Parking is cheaper and I found way more variety.

  6. Dan

    I have to say the new night market near the casino is better. There’s a lot more variety in terms of vendors and spacing, especially for the food stalls. The old one near IKEA got too cramped at times. Parking ended up to be $6 for me (near home depot). Definitely not worth it. Ironically, the one near IKEA is ferrying people from the casino every 15minutes with a mini-shuttle.

  7. Kelly

    What days are the two night markets open? We went a few years ago and have been talking about going but unsure as to dates and times. Love your posts!

  8. Tang

    For a more comprehensive review of the Richmond Night Market, you can check out the following blog post.


  9. stacey

    Hi Lindsay,

    I would also suggest to get Takoyaki from the night market. It is delish!

    And if you are looking for something sweet and refreshing- Mango makes the tastiest and non powdered- Mango Coconut Slush drink with real mango slices on top!!! It is to die for!

    • Lindsay365

      Oh my goodness that DOES sound to die for!

  10. Edible DC

    this looks like so much fun! i wish we had something like that here in dc…

    • Lindsay365

      guess you’ll just have to come visit Richmond….:)

  11. Cailey

    This looks very cool! Wish we had one up here but will have to go next time we travel south! Great exploring Lindsay!

  12. Rosie

    LOVE the food at these markets — pricey but fun.

    FYI, it’s impolite to stab food with chopsticks, so to show that photo with the siu mai is a bit of a faux pas. (And never leave chcpsticks stabbed in a bowl of rice, either. This faux pas represents incense sticks in the pot that are used to honour the dead.)

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