On Sushi House and The Best Way to Eat Your Vegetables. Ever.

I have a special gift.  It’s showing up at restaurants on their one day off.  Yesterday, it was New Asia Deli, which as I learned upon cycling up to their front door, take Wednesdays as their day of rest.  The great thing about Richmond is that if one place is closed, there’s bound to be about 10 others open, and all within a 50 metre radius.

I originally had my heart set on New Asia Deli because it was a hot day and I felt like a sub – a Vietnamese one, to be specific – and when that dream died I wasn’t terribly thrilled at the prospect of having hot food.  Fortunately, after walking about 50 metres, I found myself at Sushi House.  Sushi on a hot day = perfection.

Sushi House is located just off Cambie, in a mall on Sexsmith Road.  It’s relatively small, and offers dine-in and takeout.  I sat at the bar, and determined what cold and refreshing plates to start off with.  I ordered their seaweed salad ($3.50), salmon carpaccio ($6.95), the chopped scallop nigiri ($1.60), and the aburi salmon oshi roll ($6.00).

The seaweed salad could not have been more ideal for the day.  It had the cool crunch of the seaweed salad at Ichiro, but the dressing tasted more strongly of sesame.  It’s was actually my favourite of the two.  And healthy!!  YES!  For someone eating out as much as I am, it feels AMAZING to eat something good for me in a restaurant.

The salmon carpaccio was more like a tartare, with imitation crab on a bed of chopped, raw salmon, and topped with thin slices of avocado.  It was refreshing and beautifully presented, though I would have liked just a little less mayo in the mix.

I tried the aburi salmon oshi roll because I was intrigued by the menu’s English translation “to pass under a flame.”  The roll – a thick ring of rice (no seaweed) with avocado inside and raw salmon on top – was passed quickly under a torch, cooking the salmon ever so slightly and creating a char that’s finer than dust.  It was topped with tobiko (fish roe), chopped green onion, and served slightly warmed.  It was mild but lovely, as you could taste the rich flavour of the salmon.

The chopped scallop nigiri was good – again, perhaps a bit too much dressing – but I loved the contrast of the rice, seaweed, soft scallop, and salty, crunchy tobiko.  Plus, those little fish roe are just so darn photogenic!

My total bill came to $20.21.  There are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, and my server was wonderful.  If you’re in the area and want to grab a light and affordable summer lunch, then stop by Sushi House.  It’s not the best sushi in Richmond, but it satisfies nonetheless.

And now, as promised a few days ago, here’s a recipe for kale chips!  This is honestly one of the best ways there is to eat vegetables.

Kale Chips

1 head of kale, any variety (I got mine from The Sharing Farm)

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

Sea salt, to taste, and/or any other spices or seasonings

Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.  Wash kale and shake off excess water.  Using a sharp knife, remove ribs from kale and tear into bite-size pieces.  Put into a large bowl and toss with olive oil and salt.  Spread on a baking sheet in a single layer, and bake 15-20 minutes, rotating sheet halfway through baking.

When done, chips will be crisp to the touch and darker, but still green (the edges may be starting to brown slightly).  Your goal is to leave them in long enough that they dry out, but not so long that they char.  Eat them whole, or crush them to make a great topping for popcorn, salads, or bread with avocado and a drizzle of olive oil.


Sushi House

3779 Sexsmith Road


  1. Amanda Staats

    So delicious!! I am craving me some sushi now! And Ive heard/seen lots about kale chips. I am going to have to try some!

  2. Linda

    Sushi looks great here. But, still, of all the sushi places in Richmond, I still recommend Jumbo Sushi to all ~~~ for their specialty rolls.

    It’s a dive on the outside…but I think it’s a hidden gem in the inside. It’s too bad more people don’t know about this place.

    I wondering, in the future, would you mind reviewing this restaurant?

    ( Interesting fact: The owner of this establishment is a caucasian fella…who has recently taken over the place, and continues to create creative specialty rolls. He’s improved the food considerably to my surprise.)

    All the best.

    This place is my number 1 “stand-by joint” whenever I get a craving for sushi.

  3. marie

    It would nice to know if the place would accept debit or credit. Since there are a lot of establishments in Richmond that are Cash Only places.

  4. Laurette

    love your photos, what type of camera are you using?? Will you be doing any dinner places??

    • Lindsay365

      Hi Laurette,

      Thanks! I use a Canon Rebel 3ti. I do dinners less often than lunches, mainly because it’s so much easier on my schedule, sleep patterns, and stomach. I DO do dinners, however, and am looking forward to my next one! Just have to decide where it’ll be…..

  5. Rachel B

    new asia has really good subs..but so does pho viet and they are always open.. try their chicken lemongrass sub…and the combos they have are really good too

    • Lindsay365

      Chicken lemongrass sub sounds amaaaazing.

  6. Shirley

    Could u do a review of broadmoor bakery! Also are there any organic food places you know of? I really wan to know where I can dine sustainably in richmomd!

  7. A

    I’m going to make those kale chips tonight, what a cool recipe!

  8. Karen

    Thanks for the kale chip recipe but especially for the additional suggestions of serving it. The avocado/kale chip crumb/bread combo sounds amazing!

  9. Sara

    As a life long avoider of kale, I thought I should try the chips. Sprinkled them with za’atar, and they were absolutely delicious. Sure didn’t last long. Many thanks for the recipe, and I love your blog too!

  10. Lisa

    Thank you for the kale chip recipe, Lindsay! We bought kale from the Sharing Farm and made some delicious chips to share with family. We baked at 275F not 275C. Maybe there was a typo?

    If you’re in the Terra Nova area again, maybe check out Pisces. They serve fish & chips and Indian cuisine!

    • Lindsay365

      typo indeed, I’ll fix that. Thanks Lisa! So glad you enjoyed the recipe, and I’ll be sure to add Pisces to my list.

  11. e.h

    sushi house is one of the worst in richmond. It used to be owned by real japanese years ago, now it is run by a china man. I ordered a huge take-out order once ($300+)for a party and their service was terrible, the worst- like we were bothering them to give them business. Hello? dont you want our business? i guess not! They were like, well if you dont like, then go elsewhere. anyways, we did order from sushi house that time, and when we picked it up, it was awful! the sushi/rolls were much much smaller than usual, and they gave us china soysauce (wing’s brand) and no chopsticks. What a rip off. I will never go again and I will make sure I tell everyone about their scams.

  12. Murvin Lai

    The best sushi in Vancouver (except for overpriced Tojo) is Sushi Hachi in Richmond on Cambie street. No fancy roll. Just traditional sushi and sashimi, and you can taste the original favor of each ingredient.

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