On Nooch and The Art of Layering.

Earl of Sandwich, you clever (if not slightly corrupt) bloke you, thanks for coming up with one of my favourite things to eat.  When I’ve finished a workout and my belly’s a-grumblin’, it’s nice to have a meal between two pieces of bread.  I’ve made and eaten many, and must admit I’m rather particular when it comes to Il Panino.

Possessing friends who are willing to indulge me in such things, I’ve had lengthy discussions about the ideal layering of ingredients within a sandwich.  Who needs a TV when you can entertain yourselves with rowdy debates over correct tomato placement??  I’m telling you, just cancel your cable and take up sammie-talk, already.

Yesterday I ate at Nooch Snack and Chill, and am thrilled to say they understand a good sandwich.

Of the two locations, I visited the one just south of Brighouse Station on No. 3 Road; it’s on a corner, and brightly lit by two walls of windows.  The interior is painted a crisp white, with red accents throughout and food-inspired paintings by Tannis Hopkins.  Reggae and soul provide the soundtrack; what’s that Bob Marley?  Could I be loved?  Well yes, I like to think so.

Nooch offers all-day breakfasts, soup, salads, spaghetti Bolognese, a variety of drinks including hand-shaken ice teas, and of course, sandwiches.

I ordered their special – an avocado BLT (BLAT?  TLAB?  Let’s call it a TLAB) with caramelized onion aioli, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on a ciabatta bun for $8.  It usually comes with a side salad and chips, but I opted out of the chips and upgraded to the chef’s salad, instead (an extra $2).

And now, to sammie-talk!  My TLAB was composed of the following: a toasted bun with a soft top (so as not to carve up the roof of one’s mouth); plentiful, perfectly ripe avocado; warm bacon, half-crispy, half-chewy; tomato in the middle (so as not to sog up one’s bread); lettuce; cheddar; and aioli sealing the deal on both top and bottom.  Folks, those are some good, solidly-layered ingredients.

The salad, too, was packed full of goodness including lettuce, cabbage, quinoa, grapes, broccoli, walnuts, pears, and peppers.  I opted for blue cheese on top, though feta and goat were also on offer.

I sipped on a tall glass of mango iced tea (would be grand on a hot day), and finished my meal by ordering a waffle with blueberry sauce and whipped cream ($5).  It was good – not extraordinary – but good.

With a final bill at $20.72, Nooch will definitely be a place I recommend for lunch.  This is generous, hearty, and thoughtfully-made food within a cheerful setting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the area ate here several times a week.  Also, thanks to Patricia for the lovely service.

In the spirit of scrumptious things for sandwiches, here’s a recipe from Ottolenghi, one of my favourite cookbooks.  If homemade mayo sounds intimidating, fear not!  This recipe is forgiving and versatile.

Ruth’s Mayonnaise (from Ottolenghi)

1 free-range egg
¾ tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp caster sugar (also known as berry sugar, available at any big grocery store)
½ tsp salt
3 cloves garlic, peeled
2 tbsp cider vinegar
500 ml sunflower oil
15 g fresh cilantro, leaves and stalks

  1. The best way to make this mayonnaise is by using a stick blender (immersion blender).  You could also use a food processor or liquidizer, or make it by hand, using a whisk.  If doing it by hand, you need to crush the garlic and chop the cilantro finely before you start.
  2. If using a stick blender, put the egg, mustard, sugar, salt, garlic, and vinegar in a large mixing bowl.  Process a little and then start adding the oil in a slow trickle.  Keep the machine working as you pour in a very light stream of oil.  Once the mayonnaise starts to thicken, you can increase the stream until all the oil is fully incorporated.  Now add the cilantro and continue processing until it is all chopped and properly mixed in.  Transfer to a clean jar and chill.  The mayonnaise will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


*Update: Nooch is now closed.


  1. Melvin

    Lindsay, DAY 9 and at last you have introduced me to 1) a place I didn’t know about, 2)the food looks delicious, and 3)I might actually go to eat there. All three in one! (Certainly better than yesterday’s post about blood and guts (excersize) – not what I’d expect from a FOOD blog. So far you are sharing lunch places, when does the 365 days of “dining” start? Tell us about some of Richmond’s famous Chinese Restaurants that fit the 3 criteria, plus 4) serious upscale evening dining, please.

  2. Dana

    Today is a perfect day for this kind of lunch…and now I’m hungry. Keep up the awesome work Lindsay! My mouth waters on almost all your posts…and I’m looking forward to following you for the next year 🙂 If you hit up dim sum again soon…make sure you check out Dinesty (and get their Xiao Long Bao…SO GOOD).

  3. Dana

    Gorgeous photos!
    And oh, I can hardly wait for real summer tomatoes to arrive – a BLT (scratch that, TLAB!) is the first thing I’ll make.

  4. Jeff

    You find forgot to mention the prices.

    BTW, the BLT is on special todsy (June 15) for 5 bucks according to a tweet by Nooch.

    • Lindsay365

      Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the reminder! Prices are in there now.

  5. Emily

    Great post, Lindsay! FYI the appropriate name for a sandwich on bread so crusty it scrapes up your mouth is a “roof wrecker.” You’re welcome.

  6. Amanda

    Loooove this post. These photos made me HUNGRY!

  7. Sunshine

    Great blog.. I’ve always driven by Nooch, but have never been. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

    Would love to see you at Hakkasan by Bridgeport and No.5 Road. Might have to try their dinner menu though. But I hear lunch is also good.

  8. cwid

    Great post, Lindsay.

    Interesting place. Nice to know that there are some good places in Richmond other than Asian. Not that Asian is not good. In fact, as many people attest, Richmond has the best Asian eating places.

    More than 300 posts to go and I am sure there will be enough time to post some fine dining dishes. Not another noodle soup, or sushi, or barbecued meats. Those are tried and true. But we are tired of those.

    Great photos!

  9. Andrea

    Lindsay I am thoroughly enjoying all your blogs! Yes, I usually read them in the morning and I end up so hungry for what is in your beautiful photos! I found your blog serendipitously on Day 1 as I was researching my upcoming visit to Vancouver. I had heard so much about the fantastic food – esp asian food of all types – in Richmond, so your blog was an awesome find. I live in California but I will keep my eyes peeled for you when I am in Richmond at some point during the last week of June. Looking forward to many more yummy food to come – the TLAB is one of my favorite staples – I tend to order them wherever I go that it looks good 🙂 And of course the sushi…sigh…

  10. Kai

    I would like to see something more unique than ordinary fares such as noodle, sandwiches and BBQ meat.

  11. Doug

    I prefer not to order sandwich or salads out since that is something i can make at home (although i don’t make it often or well)

    Thanks for the mayo recipe – keep inserting recipes !!

    In response to Dana – the best xiao long bao is at Shanghai River (Westminster Hwy – Across from Richmond Center) or Spicy Szechuan on Anderson Road.

    What can we (residents of Richmond) say – we have the best Asian food in Metro Vancouver.


  12. Wylie

    Definitely want to go to Nooch. I do not think they are open for dinner so I guess it will have to be a weekend lunch sometime.

    Lovely pictures … great to see a restaurant on that corner of No. 3 Road (right across from City Hall)

  13. Melanie

    I still dream of that quinoa salad and mango iced tea. SO GOOD!

  14. groovygirl

    we love Nooch. My favorite is the tuna melt with the quinoa salad. SO YUMMI! And I love seeing the art on the walls from local artists that they support. Nooch is also very involved in the community and good causes like the food bank and various other fund-raisers.

  15. Lindsay Kwasnicia

    I want that sandwich in my belly right now!

  16. Natalie

    Linds I am about ready to ditch the desert (Arizona, that is) and head your way. You are doing SUCH a great job. I love getting my daily email and checking in each day. Your food choices are about real people making real, good food (which I love) and of course the pics are as beautiful as always. Phenomenal.

  17. Crista

    We were just at Nooch today and no one spoke while we ate because it was so yummy!! It has become our workplace home away from home. Next time you are there, you need to try the pear/apple/brie panini, it is like dessert – gorgeous. I totally love that you aren’t just eating at ‘unusual’ places. Nooch is the sort of place that you could go to everyday and not have the same taste twice, has the benefit of being quality comfort food, and some of the best service around.
    keep it up!

  18. KHD

    I have never been to Nooch, but thanks to your blog I will give it a try! I am seldom in the Three Road area of Richmond as I hate the chaotic drive/park hassle there, but maybe I will consider public transit.

    Keep up the good work, love your blog!

  19. not impressed

    I am a little confused….is your passion food or photography? So far your posts are mainly some decent photos and a small amount rubbish writing about nothing interesting.

    I thought the blogger hired, who gets paid 50K a year, gets a free apartment, a free gym membership and additional money to eat out would be submitting mind blowing posts. You clearly have the time. I think you should dedicate a bit more of it and produce something worth reading. This really isn’t making me want to rush out to Richmond and eat.
    Another thing I noticed is that you’ve had something negative to say about each place you’ve eaten at. Richmond is such a unique place with so much to offer. SO far you’ve made everything sound so-so. It’s a good thing you attached a lot of photos because otherwise I would feel terrible for the business you’ve reviewed thus far.
    I am unimpressed and really curious to know what you’re doing with your time because it’s not quality blogging and not worth 50K per year…its sort of sad. Someone with your experience should be producing some a lot better.

    I am curious to know what the other bloggers would have produced

    • Foodie

      I think if she didn’t add some of her witty humour, creative writing skills and beautiful photos 365 blog posts JUST about food would get awfully boring. zzzzzzzz. Oh and she still has well over 300 to go so have some patience. Just because it’s promoting Richmond doesn’t mean she should lie to people about what’s good and not good. You clearly didn’t even read the latest post!!! She talked about how amazing their sandwich was, all the reasonable prices, and even took great photographs to promote the space. next time you want to ruin someone’s day and tell them they aren’t doing a good job, you should at least be up to speed. are you a writer? I don’t suppose you could make me laugh in one blog post while also wetting my appetite for exactly what she’s eaten. I’m curious as to why you have so much spare time to sit around and be so critical and judgemental.

    • GS

      Not impressed,
      I completely agree with you.
      I think Lindsay and here admirers mean well,but the blog is not worth the $50,000 plus benefits.
      But again, there are more than 350 blogs to go.
      So, let’s give her are chance.

    • Kate

      It sure is easy to tear someone down when you get to hide behind the anonymity of the internet, isn’t it?

    • KimHo

      Are we on that topic AGAIN??? OK, guys, writing a blog is not as easy as people think it is. Believe me, been there, done that. But, hey, if you don’t believe me, start one yourself and see how people criticize you!

      Whether Lindsay’s blog is worth $50K, it is not for us to decide. As I mentioned in a comment in the other post, you guys didn’t vote for your preferred blogger (or convinced people to vote), you can’t complain now! Besides, the ultimate decision was on Tourism Richmond.

      But back to sandwiches… As for Nooch, I have a coupon given to me some time ago and haven’t had a chance to go there. *Cough*Richmond*cough*. There is one place that some bloggers like but it is also possible because of the large portions at a somewhat ridiculously low price: Bob’s Submarine located in the strip mall across Richmond Mall. The place is not fancy in any way. However, what you see is people going in and leaving with a full stomach.

    • 3rdRock

      “I am curious to know what the other bloggers would have produced”

      Learn how to use a punctuation, a full-stop and a question mark!
      We all can read where you’re coming from. Bad loser! Sour grapes! Eat your heart out “not impressed”! Your crude comment should be removed. Period.

  20. J.

    Why don’t you learn to speak English and clean up your grammar and spelling before you criticize the WRITER of a blog? For $50,000 I’m sure glad Lindsey’s writing it and not you.

    • T

      Wow someone’s quick to judge! How do you know he/she is ESL. I do enjoy Lindsey’s blog and am saddened by some of the ugliness and jealousy that has surfaced.

  21. J.

    Lindsey a suggestion I haven’t seen on your blog is the Hilton Hotel on No. 3 road. They have a FANTASTIC, varied menu and wonderful staff and ambiance. I am an extremely critical and judgemental person, and I think you are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

  22. Holli

    Oh my. OK – I walk by Nooch nearly everyday on my way to work and I’m always curious as to what goodies are inside. It looks a little untouchable from the outside. Like I should take off my shoes and fix my hair to enter, or something.

    Gotta say, Lindsay: I’m going to this place and I am going to eat the TLAB sandwich, with the salad (probs with goat cheese) AND the mango iced tea and PROBABLY with the waffle dessert!

    Thanks for doing the field work, Lindsay – Nooch isn’t so untouchable after all.

  23. Mary

    Hey “Not Impressed” we are NOT IMPRESSED! It makes us wonder what motivates you to write such slander. If you are not enjoying Lindsay’s blog, don’t read it!

  24. Jessica

    I love the blogs! I am not from Richmond and I dont know Lindsay personally but I am really enjoying her story-telling, sense of humour and honest reviews. I travel to Vancouver a couple times a year for work and will make a point to check out some of her more popular reviews. Keep up the awesome work Lindsay!

  25. Derek

    I have never thought of adding avocado to a BLT. Now, it’s all I can think about.

  26. E

    Hi Lindsay. Love your blog. Try the ‘Fast Fare’ at the Marriott for breakfast and make sure Tony is cooking it.

  27. Jason

    Let’s not forget that Nooch offers an amazing array of food and drinks at very reasonable prices….the value really is unbeatable….

    If you want better food, go to Il Giodino and pay 10 times as much. Richmond has been lacking a great go-to place for years and finally the void has been filled. It has an almost European vibe and the service is very friendly.

    They don’t have a corporate atmosphere so they are able to make adjustments and cater to each guest uniquely. When I ate there, they were receptive to my food allergies and made it work with no fuss. My hat goes off to them.

    Sometimes they are too busy at lunch so it’s best to order to-go at peak hours, otherwise its very nice to sit in such a crisp place and enjoy the world going by.

  28. NancyLee

    My kind of place to go for lunch. I would definitely search for Nooch when I’m in Vancouver. Thanks for the delicious photos, Lindsay and that mayo recipe.

    • 3rdRock

      Ditto. I would not have discovered this place on my own.

  29. grayelf

    The Nooch at 6900 No. 3 Road is gone, now a Korean Bistro.

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